Software Tools For Teaching

Calendar Tool

The Course_Weekly_Calendar is an Excel spreadsheet for speeding-up the creation of a 15 week semester calendar. The term starting dates are entered in the upper-right date fields. The spreadsheet calculates the beginning of the week and Sunday due dates for the next 15 weeks. Detailed instructions are provided on a second tab in the spreadsheet.

A screen shot of the course weekly calendar spreadsheet.

Assertion-Evidence formatted PowerPoint Slides

The assertion-evidence style slide has a one to two sentence statement at the top. The main part of the slide is an educational graphic that supports the assertion. This PowerPoint template file makes it easy to create assertion-evidence style slides. Here's a screenshot.

PowerPoint menu for formatting assertion evidence slides

A few key ideas from the Slides for Students book are available in a poster presentation format.

Brightspace/D2L Quiz Question Tools

The question helper tools facilitate the development of questions for online testing in the Brightspace/D2L learning management system. The goals are to make question creation more efficient and discover content possibilities in assigned reasings. The tool searches text copied from the textbook or other assigned reading for matching sentences. The sentences can be manually edited for true/false, short answer, or multiple-choice questions. The last stage processes the sentences into a form that can be imported into Brightspace/D2L.

The following tool will convert marked-up text into true/false, short-answer, or multiple-choice question formatting. The teacher creates the questions in a text editor or word processor. The question type is indicated with simple codes in the answer lines: true or false, * for correct multiple-choice items, and % for short answers. The converter will add the specialized formatting needed for importing into Brightspace/D2L.

Usage Notes

These resources were created by Gary Fisk, Ph.D., for course development. These are provided for free: no cost (free beer) and liberty (free distribution). These pages are licensed with an open educational resource (OER) license: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License that allows sharing, adapting, and remixing. These resources are intended for non-profit instructional use. The fields in these files do not collect any data. A strong effort has been made to achieve high quality, but no guarantee any kind (accuracy, reliability, etc.) is given.

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