Animations for Teaching Biological Psychology and Sensation/Perception


Neuroscience and Sensation/Perception animations

The following animations are tutorials with animated components. These are animated .gif files.

Lecture Animations

The following animations were designed to supplement lectures by providing dynamic illustrations.

Background and licensing

The animations were created in Macromedia Flash between 2001 to 2004. In December, 2020, these were converted into animated gif files due to discontinuation of the Flash standard. This conversion keeps the files up to modern standards. These can also be easily inserted into PowerPoint files. Unfortunately, the gif conversion removes some of the interactive functions, like the buttons. The old web pages and Flash animation code are available for download.

The animations and source code have an open educational license: A Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License that allows sharing, adapting, and remixing. In short, you are allowed to use these animations and/or the source code in your courses and web pages with an attribution must be made to Gary Fisk and this web site. Please host these files on your own system if you use them for your classes.

Paper on Animations in Education

Cover Story

The following paper is an invited review of instructional animations for the journal LabMedicine (from the American Society for Clinical Pathology). The uses of animations in crime scene investigations and as a teaching tool are covered. The educational part covers the advantages and disadvantages of using animations in educational settings.

Fisk, G.D. (2008). Using animation in forensic pathology and science education. LabMedicine, 39(10), 587-592.

Key ideas: